By the decision of the jury, appointed by the Scientific Council of the Juliusz P. Schauder Center for Nonlinear Studies, consisting of Professors:

  • Wacław Marzantowicz (Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland) - chairman of the jury,
  • Piotr Biler (University of Wrocław, Poland),
  • Grzegorz Łukaszewicz (University of Warsaw, Poland),
  • Thomas Bartsch (Justus Liebig University in Giessen, Germany),
  • Jean Mawhin (Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium),
  • Paul Rabinowitz (University of Madison-Wisconsin, USA),
  • Edward Norman Dancer (Sydney University, Australia).

the 2020 Schauder Medal goes to the distinguished Italian mathematician

Professor Susanna Terracini from the University of Torino, Italy

in recognition of her significant achievements in development of variational methods and contributions to dynamics of differential equations, in particular for n-body problems, nonlinear reaction diffusion equations as well as Schrödinger systems.

Prof. Terracini’s research interests include different directions in the field of nonlinear analysis with application to the variational methods, to chaotic and complex trajectories in  Hamiltonian dynamical systems, especially in celestial mechanics, including the n-body  problem, and pattern formation mechanisms for nonlinear reaction diffusion and Schrödinger systems. Prof. Terracini is the author of about 118  papers, published in major international mathematical journals, 5 books and is on the editorial board of a number of national and international journals.

Professor Susanna Terracini earned her MS degree in 1986 in mathematics at the University of Torino and completed her Ph.D. at the SISSA (Scuola  Internazionale  Superiore  di  Studi  Avanzati);  her  Ph.D.  dissertation,  Periodic  Solutions  to Singular Newtonian Systems, was supervised by Ivar Ekeland and Sergio Solimini. In 1988-89 she received a research fellowship C.N.R. at CEREMADE (University of Paris IX). In 1990-2001 she was a researcher and associated professor at the Department of Mathematics, Politecnico of Milano. In 2001-12 she had a full professor position at the Department of Mathematics, University of Milano Bicocca. From 2012 she has been a full professor at the Department of Mathematics „Giuseppe Peano”, University of Torino. Professor Susanna Terracini was awarded the C. Vinti prize in 2003 and the B. Finzi prize in 2007. She was also the convenor of the association European Women in Mathematics (EWM) from 2013 to 2015. It is worth adding that she was the principal investigator of the Research Project of National Interest (PRIN2009) project Critical Point Theory and Perturbative Methods for Nonlinear Differential Equations, and the principal investigator of  the  ERC  Advanced  Grant, Complex  Patterns  for  Strongly  Interacting Dynamical Systems. Her joint paper with D.L. Ferrario “On the Existence of Collisionless Equivariant Minimizers for  the  Classical  n-body Problem”  published  in Inventiones Mathematicae was selected as “featured review” on Mathematical Reviews.